Hut Lou, Kundasang, Home sweet home in Sabah

Exploring another lovely Homestay by Little Hut, a family run concern with warmth and hospitality. A Homestay which is surrounded by homely atmosphere. Hut Lou is their latest Homestay which had been built for 3 months, and now, it’s DONE!


Hut Lou is a single occupancy hut specially catered for a single backpacker, a lone traveller or someone who would like to take a break from the bustle and hustle of city life. The unique offer for anyone which fits the above criteria is a free stay throughout the duration, the provided stay is for a minimum of 2 weeks and up to a month. However, the condition is your contribution to help out with daily chores be it large or small and you can have a relaxing and tranquil time in this natural peaceful environment.







However, Hut Lou is also available for booking for a single traveller. The rate for a single traveller for a few days is RM120 per day on weekdays and RM150 at weekends. Booking is only available on a month to month basis eg. for 01/09 booking is only available from 01-30/09 subject to availability.

Website for reservation-


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